Saturday, August 8, 2009

Last Dad Update (Lord Willing)

I spoke to dad today. He is still hoars from the ventilator tube, tired and sore from the trip, and weak from the surgery...but he is doing well considering. He has done his "excercises" for the day which include walking 5 minutes in the house, breathing, and limb movement.
He was able to sleep pretty well last night-thank you for praying. Things seem to be going very well considering 12 days ago he wasn't supposed to make it through the day.
He told me this morning, "Bub, when you write your blog tonight, please tell everyone something for me. Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement. Had it not been for the prayers of God's people, I know I wouldn't be here today. I love you all and thank the Lord for you. Keep praying, I am willing and looking forward to getting back."
I would just add another thank would my mom...and Chrystal...and Rachel. We praise the Lord for the miracle He performed! Just continue praying for his 6 week 'healing' process. I can't wait to hear that first sermon back!
God is so Good. If there is ever anything we can pray with you about, never hesitate in emailing or calling upon us.
Glory to God!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dad is Home

Quick update:
Dad is home. The ride was much worse than any one expected it would be. Dad is very sore, in much pain. His legs are 'oozing' a lot and mom is very worried about clots and/or infection. Please pray for his pain to subside and that he would get some much needed rest.
Mom said he was sitting in his chair with Joey looking up at him. He is still struggling some with breathing and 'normal' problems after surgery. Please pray for these things. God is good!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'mmmmm Backkkkkk....And so is he!

It is Thursday evening, and I am back from a wonderful week at our teen camp. I so enjoyed spending time with the young people. We praise the Lord for one saved this week and the altars busy all week. The Lord brought Evangelist Matt Souza and his family to us this week for the preaching, and His power was evident. How we praise the Lord! Tomorrow, I will be back in the office for the first time in nearly 4 weeks....I wish I could say the last four weeks were relaxing, but they were times of spiritual growing for me. So, I'm back; and....
So is he! My dad will, Lord willing, leave the hospital in the morning. My mother asked that we have everyone to please pray for them. It is a good four hour drive back to Ark City normally, but for them it will be much longer. The doctor said they must stop every 45 minutes to allow dad to walk. This will help avoid blood clots. Also, tomorrow it is expected to be around 100 degrees at that time, so that will make matters more interesting.
The doctors and nurses went over with mom today how to care for dad. He has wounds that will need daily cleansing and bandaging all over his body. He will need to continue his short walks and breathing exercises. He tends to hyperventilate often due to the time he was on the verntilator. This will need work. He still (sorry if it's gross) is 'oozing' from his wounds. This will need special care. Worst of all, for dad, he is not to preach or be around large crowds for any significant amount of time for 6 weeks. I have a feeling we will see about that :-)
All in all, he is doing amazing considering that 11 days ago the doctor told us the family needs to come in as he would probably not make it. God is so Good!
So please pray for dad as he makes his way back home, and pray for my mom. She will be back home, but the work is just getting started.
Dad should not be left alone much at all. Someone will need to be with him around the clock. This will prove to be a most daunting task. Also, mom wanted me to mention this: it may sound like not much, but it is important. As soon as dad sits in his chair, Joey (their poodle) will want to jump in 'his place' on dad's lap. This CAN NOT happen. Please pray mom is able to keep him off dad so no further complications develop.
I also want to thank Chrystal for sitting in the Blog chair while I was gone. She did a marvelous job! She will be blogging more in the days ahead.
I love you all and thank the Lord for you. I am so glad to be part of the family of God!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Phone Call

It's about 3:30 at my house. My phone rang twice. I looked at my caller id, and saw it was Hay's, Kansas. That's my cue to call dad's room. (We do that so they don't have to use their minutes on the calling card.) It always makes me a little nervous when I get that call. I immediately called the number back. "Hi, baby girl!" It was dad!!! His voice was hoarse, but he sounded so great! He was talking 100 mph. He said he was having a great day. After the rough night he had, everything seemed to be getting better and better. He said the respiratory therapist came in today and discharged him from therapy! Then, the occupational therapist came in..discharged from O.T. The physical therapist came thru for the 4Th time today. He walked 200 feet today!! There was a little drainage from his legs, and chest today, but they weren't too concerned. They started him on a little antibiotic, but just thought it was all pretty "normal stuff".

Dad was talking about all the wonderful things that have happened since he's been in there. You heard me...he said, "WONDERFUL THINGS!" Was he at the same place I was at last week? Yes! He is already talking about getting back to church. He told me about the dream he had last night. He said that it was his first Sunday back to church. He came thru the back door, and Bro. Beam (the "sound man")started playing "Eye Of the Tiger". (the theme from Rocky) He said he ran up the stairs to the platform and lifted his Bible up over his head! That is a scene I would love to see! I think a better song would be , "God is So Good" or even "Power in the Blood". :)

It was so good to hear him. It was so good to hear how excited he is about life and the Lord. He said, "Sis, I didn't think I was going to make it. I know God is not finished with me yet!". He is so excited to share his story. He said it is just another tool to share "HIS STORY".

Another answer to prayer- when I was talking to dad, he said mom was on her way to get her motel room for the night!! Praise the Lord!! Thank you again for all your prayers. A nurse mentioned today that she saw no reason why they would keep him past this weekend! Can you believe that??? Keep the prayers coming!!! Can't wait for the day he stands up on that platform and hold his Bible high!!

Rough Night Tuesday Night

An early morning call from mom let us know that dad had a rough night last night. His sugar has been doing well up until now, but last night was running in the 50's. They brought him some food, and it only came up a small amount. They had to start him on an I.V. medication. After a short amount of time on the medicine, it shot up to close to 200. They are trying to keep close tabs on that.

The other concern is that dad has spiked a fever. Mom is very concerned. His legs (from where they had to cut them both quite severly in his surgery) are looking pretty bad. Mom is afraid there may be infection setting up. (altho this is "dr. mom" speaking, no word from anyone else on where the fever is from) He is feeling pretty bad today.

Also, his heart rate has been too high since last night. The doctors had to come in and check on him. They are not sure what is going on, but we are trusting the Lord to give the doctors wisdom, and dad strength. (and mom some comfort)

Before the "rough night", mom was telling me last night about how excited she was that when the nurses brought dad more emails, he took them and was reading them to HER!! It was great encouragment for mom. She asked me to answer a couple of questions that have been re-occuring in the emails...

1. For those people not from CBT..."What in the world is a 'Cozaddale'?"
Cozaddale Baptist Temple is the name of my brother's church. (thus, the name of
the blog.) CBT is located in a small..VERY of Cozad. The man who
founded the town had a last name of Cozad and a first name of Dale. Any more
information than that will have to be answered by Travis, as that is all I know.
Hope it helps a little.
2. Many people have been asking if dad "wants" or is "craving" anything. Mom said
dad has only been craving peaches!! He really would love some fresh peaches, but
peaches in general is what he keeps saying he would like to have. If we hear of
anything else, we will be sure to pass it on.

Please be fervent in prayer today for dad. We pray this is a small step backwards, and he will be feeling back to the way he should be before the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Big Thank You

I just wanted to take the time to thank Hillcrest Bible Baptist Church for all their prayers, love and support to mom and dad over the last couple of weeks. Actually, my family is so grateful for their patience, love, prayers, and support over the last several months. They have really stood behind dad, and showed great faith in the man of God. Just as I thank everyone for their prayers, I feel I owe a special thank you to HBBC. They are such a wonderful group of people, and I feel blessed that the Lord saw fit to send my parents to them. You have all done so much for them, and words can't express my family's gratitude.

Dad is still doing well. He is getting very tired as the days go on, but his spirits are high. Just reading the emails of how much people are praying for him, keeps him going from therapy to therapy.

This post is really mostly to thank Bro. and Mrs. Duncan, and all the members of HBBC. I thank God for each of you.

This Tuesday Morning is Much Better Than Last Tuesday!!

That was my first thought when I woke up this morning!! I am so thankful it is this Tuesday and not last! What a difference a week makes when the Lord is in control and God's people are praying!!! Dad is doing great! He is loving being in his own room. When I was talking to mom just now, he was doing his breathing treatment for the 2nd time already today, and mom was reading him more emails. They love that!! His potassium is still too low, but they are hoping once he gets off the fluids so much, it will come back up. He is still pretty weak, but he's a fighter and pushing thru to make himself get well.

I have been approached by a few different people asking if they was a way they could help out with financial needs that have come up with mom and dad. They have been told that he is going to need several medical supplies for when he goes home, not to mention all the bills that have come up just with being in the hospital so far from home. (and I'm pretty sure mom has gone way over in her minutes on her cell phone the last couple of weeks! oops!) This being said, I have been in touch with Bro. and Mrs. Duncan and we have decided that if the Lord lays it on anyone's heart to give a little then the best way to do this is to send a cash or check to Dad's church. I will give the information below.

I stand in awe at how God's people have reached out to my family during this trying time. It is such an amazing thing to witness God do a work. Dad is doing a little everyday and with every milestone, I get on my knees and thank Him. I don't want His praise to be forgotten.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

To send a donation to dad and mom please send a check or cash to
Hillcrest Bible Baptist Church
2440 N. Summit
Arkansis City, KS 67005
Please be sure to mark the money designated to dad and if there is anything specific you want the money to help out with you can put that in there too. I am humbled at your outpouring of love and support, Chrystal

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Evening Update

Let me begin by apologizing to anyone who may have left a comment this morning. I do not know how to post them. Sorry...

Dad has had an amazing day!!!!!! He is in his own room! What a huge blessing, and an answer to so many people's prayers. He ate an entire meal today. (The first time he has done this since before his surgery) He walked the entire length of the ICU. He aggravated the nurses a little. He did the whole 30 minutes of breathing exercises. And, most importantly to me, he called me! (and Rachel!) What a blessing!!! What a difference a week makes when the Lord is driving the boat!!!! It was some rocky waters, but God was in control.

I am asking tonight for special prayer for mom. She is so tired. Her spirits are up, and her countenance has returned to that precious smile, but she needs special grace. She is having to move in to the room with dad. He wants her to stay close by, (he always has been a bit of a baby! :) but the hotel is just getting too expensive. Just pray that she is able to sleep in the "chair bed" they are providing for her, and that is doesn't hurt her back, hips and leg. I know God can do just that. He's done much more!!! :)

Don't forget to drop dad an email. The nurses are beginning to stop by dad's room from all over the hospital just to "meet the man with a thousand fans". It's opening many doors to share the Gospel, not to mention lifting mom and dad's spirits!

Thank you for your continued prayers. We love you all.

Monday Morning Update

Okay, so I am Travis' "eldest sister" as he refers to me. I'm not good at this blogging stuff, but I'm going to do my best to keep everyone updated on dad this week. (Travis is at camp with the church.) I'm not the writer that he is, but I told him I would try.

Dad had a great night last night. When he woke up this morning, the nurse said he was doing "great", but had a lot of work to do today. So far, he has put his mind to it, and is tackling all the work with great effort and is succeeding far above what the doctors thought he would do. Mom just text me about a half hour ago and said, " He's going to his own room!". I don't believe anyone knows just how big of a miracle this is. When I told mom I would be updating the blog for Travis, she asked me to tell you all something. So I will quote, "Please tell everyone that I cannot put in to words what all the cards, emails, and calls have meant to me and your dad. I am so grateful for each and every one of them. I have read the emails to him, and we have wept together at how many people are praying and have sent their love. So many people have already been touched by this time here at the hospital. Because of the emails alone, your dad has already had the opportunity to witness to several nurses. Ask them to please continue to pray, as we have a long road ahead of us, but God is good. His mercy endureth forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Mom is so thankful for the cards and emails. Please keep them coming. It always makes dad smile, and is spreading like wildfire throughout Hay's Medical Center. I will try to update again tonight. Thanks for your patience with this very inexperienced "blogger".

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Update

Just a quick note to update everyone as to the day. Today dad was able to sit up in a chair for nearly 9 hours. He was able to do some short distance walking (never left room, but did well). He is still not needing extra oxygen today, so that is good. His blood pressure held up very well, and over all it was a good day.
He did put on a few pounds of fluids today-probably due to all the 'movement.' By this evening, it was already going down some.
The doctor did not come in today, so he is still in ICU. The nurse said the doctory may move him out of the ICU tomorrow, but that Tuesday was probably the more realistic.
Keep praying! God has been so good to us. His story was used in three churches I know of today, and our Lord was given the glory, and one was saved today at CBT! To God be the glory! Great things He has done!
I am off to teen camp this week, but will allow my sisters to keep everyone posted on here.