Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Mother Church

The sponsoring church of Cozaddale Baptist Temple is the Loveland Park Baptist Church in Loveland Park, Ohio.  The mother church no longer has a written record as they seem to have been lost or destroyed over time.  After talking to several charter members, locating old pictures and finding records from the church which sponsored Loveland Park, here is what we have learned of Loveland Park Baptist Church.
            The following is adapted from the church record of Socialville Baptist Church minutes dated September 17, 1963. The meeting was called to order by Bro. Melvin Carter to discuss a possible mission work in Loveland, Ohio. Bro. Mitt Richardson let it be known that he had been led of the Lord to start a mission work in Loveland Park, Ohio. He had located a building that was available to rent on Lilac Road in Loveland Park for sixty dollars a month. “A motion was made, seconded and carried to send Bro. Richardson to Loveland Park to establish and carry on a mission work there.” The record also shows a “motion was made, seconded and carried to purchase chairs for the mission. Motion made, seconded and carried to adjourn.”
            The church records show follow up meetings about the mission work dated, March 1, 1964.   At a regular church meeting on Sunday morning, a motion was made, seconded and carried to authorize the mission in Loveland Park, Ohio to be organized into a Baptist church.  That afternoon there is a record of a special meeting at the Loveland Park Baptist Mission.  The notes depict the following – “Special meeting, organization of Loveland Park Baptist Church. The service was opened with congregational singing, and special singing by Bro. Fred Johnson.  The visiting churches were recognized and the represented were: Independent Baptist Church of Deer Park, Ohio; Immanuel Baptist Church of Lockland, Ohio; Highpoint Baptist Church; Maineville Baptist Church; and Socialville Baptist Church….The charge was then given by Bro. Pinsen, stating the many responsibilities to God, to the community, and to their pastor. The church was urged to begin a mission work at once, as the church is commanded to spread the Gospel to the entire world. After the invitation, the members of the newly formed church stood, as the congregation filed by and shook their hands, while singing Amazing Grace. The service was then dismissed by prayer.”
            On April 1, 1964, during a regular business meeting of the Socialville Baptist Church we find the following letters granted to the Loveland Park Baptist Church. This is believed to be the Charter Membership list of Loveland Park Baptist. Bro. Mitt Richardson, Sis. Opel Richardson, Gerald Richardson, Bro. William Anders. Sis. Dorothy Anders, Jimmy Anders, Billy Anders, Bobby Anders, Bro. James Roe, Sis. Jean Roe, Bro. William York, Sis. Bonnie York, Bro. Stanley Stith and Sis. Lorane Stith.
            In a recent interview with Sister Opel Richardson dated February 16, 2012, she shared her memories which corroborated the recorded minutes of Socialville Baptist Church. She also shared how the Lord had blessed the ministry with 70 baptisms the first year of the church. Bro. Richardson’s son remembers in 1967 the church built a new building. Bro. Roundtree knew people in London, Kentucky, who arranged a meeting with Chaney Laminated Timbers. CLT designed beams, arches, hardware, wood roof decking and all the wood would then be kiln dried. A crane was rented to attach the wood arches. It is said that people from all over Loveland Park came to watch the day the arches were bolted together. Her husband pastored the church until 1967 when the building was completed. In 1967, Bro. Mitt Richardson had to step down as pastor and many of the church members left. Loveland Park was now a church without a pastor. Gerald Richardson, Bro Richardson’s son, recalls the church calling Bro. Clarence York to be their next pastor. Bro. York was a pastor of Seven Gables Baptist Church which had about 35 members, but no building to meet in. Loveland Park had a new building, few people and no pastor. Bro. York came, along with about 35 members and the Loveland Park Baptist Church continued.
            (There was a family in the church who had a desire to start a mission work closer to their home, Bro. Charles Girvin, who lived in the Goshen area. Mrs. Opel Richardson who was Mitt Richardson’s wife remembers Bro Charles Girvin and his family as having become charter members of the church.  It was under the ministry of Bro. Clarence York that Bro. Girvin felt led to start a mission work in Cozaddale, Ohio. On December 3, 1967, the mission work became a church sponsored out of Loveland Park Baptist Church.)
            In 1968, Bro York resigned and the church called Bro. Steve Veatch as pastor in November of the same year.  Bro. Veatch has many fond memories of his pastorate at the church. Loveland Park was still in the process of undergoing a blending of Seven Gables Baptist Church which Bro. York had brought with him when he accepted the pastorate of Loveland Park. Under his leadership the church continued to blend and began faith promise missions in 1970. In 1972 the church started an ACE school. The church had a high attendance of 324 and ran several bus routes. It was during this time that Bro. Veatch was able to enter into the ministry full time. It was in the fall of 1974, after six years of successful ministry that Bro. Veatch felt led to step down as pastor.
            The church extended a call to Bro. Dave Carr in late fall of 1974, to become her fourth pastor. It was during the time of Bro. Carr’s pastorate that the state waged a war with Christian schools in Ohio. Bro Carr remembers taking a bus up to Columbus, Ohio, to stand with other Christian schools. Bro. Carr resigned the pastorate in 1977.
            In late 1977 or early 1978 the Loveland Park Baptist Church extended a call to Bro. Mike Carpenter to be her fifth pastor. Brother Carpenter has faithfully served the Lord as a pastor for 33 years. Bro. Carpenter has a strong desire to see souls won to Christ and for the saints to mature in the faith. Many souls have been reached and continue to be reached through the ministry of Loveland Park Baptist Church.