Thursday, June 14, 2012

The sponsoring church of Loveland Park Baptist Church was Socialville Baptist Church.  In the spring of 1962, several families felt led to leave the High Point Baptist Church and establish a new church.  The families met in the home of Mitt and Opal Richardson until a church building could be found.  The church was organized May 9, 1962, with 27 charter members.  The current property on Socialville Foster Road was purchased at that time in 1962.  The 27 charter members were Bill Anders, Dorothy Anders, James Anders, Billy Anders, Bobby Anders, Rollin Bennett, Sr., Vesta Bennett, Rollin Bennett, Jr., Melvin Carter, Flossie Carter, Ruth Leach, Adam McKeehan, Geneva McKeehan. Russell McKeehan, Belinda McKeehan, Beverly McKeehan, Nelson Roundtree, Creola Roundtree, Mitt Richardson, Opal Richardson, Gerald Richardson, Earl Sims, Esther Sims, Patricia Sims, Clyde Wells, Pauline Wells, and Larry Wells. 

            We find in the minutes taken at the organizational meeting dated May 9, 1962, the following record of that meeting:  “Bro. Roundtree opened the service by leading those gathered in singing  the hymn ‘We’ll Work Till Jesus Comes.’  Those following were; ‘Glory to His Name,’ ‘Standing on the Promises.’

            Bro. James L. Richardson led in prayer after singing.

            Bro. Carter then acted as chairman of the group and introduced Bro. Millsaps, who was immediately and unanimously voted as moderator for the remainder of the organization meeting.

            Bro. Millsaps’ first remarks were on exhortation to carefully select a Bible-believing and Godly living pastor and to live according to the Bible in love and humility.

            The first motion was that Bro. James Leo Richardson be appointed clerk for the meeting.

            The clerk read the Articles of Faith and Church Covenant.

            Bro. Millsaps called for a record of the charter members.

            Bro. Carter made a motion and was seconded by Bro. Sims to have a business meeting Wednesday night, May 16th to elect officers for the new church.

            The charge was then ably and clearly given the new congregation by Bro. Millsaps, as he encouraged them not to be hampered or discouraged by the powers of the world which would cause the flesh to be revived and cause dis-unity in the church.  Scripture was read from Isa. 62:1 & 2; Matthew 11:2-11; Mark 3:13-15; and Eph. 2:19-22.

            The meeting was dismissed with the singing of ‘Oh How I Love Jesus’ and an old-fashioned handshake, immediately after the sweet organization prayer by Bro. Millsaps.”

            According to some charter members and written records within the minutes of the Socialville Baptist Church there had been a disagreement within the High Point Baptist Church and several families left and became charter members of Socialville Baptist Church. We praise the Lord that within the minutes of Socialville Baptist Church we find the following record, “motion was made, second and carried for the men  of the church to meet with the men of High Point Baptist Church as requested by them to discuss feelings of difference between the two churches.  Motion was made, second and carried to meet at Socialville Baptist Church at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, March 10, for the purpose stated above.”  In addition we find a later added note on that page of minutes, “this meeting was held as scheduled and was attended by a good number from both churches.  In an attitude of Christian friendship all expressed their desire to do the Lord’s will and to promote His work.  After a season of prayer and Christian hand shaking the meeting was dismissed.”

            Recently, Pastor Dean Gooch related this same event to Pastor Burke and Pastor Sallee of Cozaddale Baptist Temple.  He remembers, with tears in his eyes, the sweetness and the fellowship being restored between the two churches. In 1963, the church chose to send Mitt Richardson to start Loveland Park Baptist Church.  We know from the records of Socialville Baptist Church that High Point Baptist Church continued to show their support to Socialville Baptist Church and their desire to establish churches by attending the organizational meeting of the Loveland Park Baptist Church. 

            The year 2012 begins the fiftieth anniversary of Socialville Baptist Church.  For 50 years Socialville Baptist Church has a strong desire to serve the Lord.  The pastors of Socialville Baptist Church have been Howard Carter, 1962-1967; Don Poole, 1967-1969; Raymond Hilliard, January – July of 1969; (he died while pastor); Jack Fenner, 1969-1976; Paul Godby, 1976-1978; Harold Stroup, 1978-1983; Greg Ballard, 1983-1989; Paul Armacost, 1986-1989 (Along with Greg Ballard); Dwight Coffman, January – June 1990; Tom Walz, 1990-1993; Stan Sexton, 1993 to present.  The churches that have been started under the ministry of Socialville Baptist Church are:  Loveland Park Baptist Church, Loveland, Ohio, 1963; Emmanuel Baptist Mission, Speedwell, Tennessee, 1974; Victory Baptist Mission, 1988.  The church presently supports 50 missionaries.  One of them is out of Cozaddale Baptist Temple – Steven and Peggy Harris currently serving in Mexico.