Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yes, This Really Happened To Me In The Ministry

As I have stated before, my years working with teenagers and children were some of the most exciting. You are never out of illustrations and anecdotes.
Back in the early 80's our church owned a beautiful youth camp in Bellbrook Ohio. It was a beautiful 50 acre campus. We had so many wonderful weeks of camp where we saw many decisions for Christ and many friendships were formed that are alive today.
When children's camp time came we were always privileged to have the pastor's wife go with us for the week as a counselor for the girls. She was a great counselor and lots of fun. Her and I used to try to prank each other, one outdoing the other.
On one occasion Diana had really got me!! I decided I had to get her back. In the girls' cabins, which were very nice a-frames, the counselor slept by the door in a single wooden bunk. One day while the girls were involved in an activity or sport I entered the cabin where she slept. I had gone to the store at the bottom of the hill and purchased some limburger cheese. Now this would not be a big surprise and sure enough she smelled it immediately upon entering the cabin. She was convinced I had put it in her bunk. Well, she could not find it. She went to bed that night and needless to say never slept. The next morning while we conducted chapel she removed all her sheets and pillowcases and took them to the laundry and cleaned them. She was convinced she had solved the problem. When we saw her headed to the laundry I shared what was going on with the boys and girls. They thought it was hilarious.
That night she retired and there was that smell again! She got up and found the cook and informed him a skunk had crawled under her cabin. He went through the motions of looking for a skunk and of course, none was found.
Finally the next day I could stand it no longer. I told her I had taken the smelly cheese and rubbed it into the wood at the top of her bunk where she lay her head. She never would have thought of that!! I guess I just could not wait to tell her I had beat her in a prank. She was always a great sport and wonderful counselor.
The Bible says in Ecc. 12:1 ,"Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh,when thou shalt say , I have no pleasure in them.;" I have been in many churches that have decided it is too much trouble to work with children or attempt to deal with them. Oh my, what a tragedy. Our Lord had much to say about the importance of children. We must do our part to try to reach them for Christ and train them to serve the Lord in this dying and lost world. Our pastor is coming out with a new book concerning youth and children and parenting and it would be beneficial for all parents to get a copy for the edification of the family and the rescuing of the children.