Monday, March 1, 2010

Side Notes

I was ask to recommend a reading concerning our last post called The Great Invitation. This book can be found on I have purchased a copy of it, but as of yet, have not received it. I do, though, look forward to reading it.

Secondly, I know this is not important and completely off subject, but thought I would take the moment to invite. I have a fantasy baseball league set up if anyone is interested. It is totally not important, and if you plan on spending hours studying and playing it, don't bother, you take it way more serious than me and anyone on earth probably should. It is with, and the league ID number is 355608. If you are interested, email me at: and I will send you the password to join. Again, just for fun for people who like baseball like me.

Lastly, I wish to thank all those who have emailed/texted/posted comments durring our discussion. It has been educational, challenging, and eye opening. I was a little suprised at the amount of churches on the poll that do not have an invitation already. I would be interested in knowing the name of those churches. If you voted "No" and would like to do so, please comment below and let me know what church you are referring to (and you may even remain anonymous for this comment).

We will continue our study on such areas in the weeks ahead.