Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gunnison Day 2

"That's beautiful!"  These words were spoken one...two...maybe three hundred times today. The beauty of God's creation is truly astounding!  Here in Colorado, it is on grand display.
Waking up early, I was able to take a walk this morning in the brisk cool Gunnison air.  I was able to meet a lady who also was visiting the area from Arizona.  As I asked where exactly in Arizona, she replied, "Oh you will never have heard of this place.  It's in the Mojave Desert in the middle of nowhere."  I finished her statement by adding "Bullhead City?"  Long story short, she was raised Lutheran, but I was able to share a witness with her and shared information about Mojave Baptist Church (our church plant in Bullhead City).

Following my walk, I joined up with Bro. Roberts and Bro. Davis and we headed out looking for housing for both of these men's families.  Our goals today were to find them both housing, Bro. Roberts possible employment, and a meeting place for the church plant.  Yes, I know that is a bit much to ask for in just less than  a day, but we do serve a big God!

By 10:45 a.m., the Lord had allowed us to meet Floyd who offered a completely furnished home to Bro. Davis to rent at a very great rate.  The house can fit all his family and has "hunting ground" if he is interested.  If you know Bro. Davis, you know this is amazing!

We then began driving, calling, and asking God to lead us to a place for the Roberts family.  We found quite a few leads, but the cost has been very high.  This evening, one person we had left a message with called back.  It was near dusk, but we agreed to go and look at the home.  The home has room for the family, a nice size yard, is extremely clean,  and has a huge separate garage and work shop for someone who would like to work out of their house.  We have not been able to go in the house yet, but have an appointment to do so in the morning.  If you know the Roberts family (and his profession) you know this is amazing!  Please pray for our meeting in the morning!

While visiting one of the homes today and touring it, we heard construction sounds.  The house next door to that one was being built.  Upon meeting and speaking to these men, the owner of the business invited Bro. Roberts to call him when he returns in October as he could use some help with someone with carpentry experience.

We then went across the street to the Gunnison Recreation Center.  Bro. Roberts explained to them that they were coming to plant a church there in Gunnison.  He asked if they had any ideas for a meeting place when needed.  Just so happens that something was open.  They had a room that could accommodate up to 60 that was available.  Bro. Roberts asked about the cost, to which the lady said she would love to have them, "how about $20 a week?"  Yeah, we can handled that!

We were able to pass out tracts to quite a few, Bro. Roberts was asked to preach every Sunday at a local camp ground, we enjoyed great fellowship, and shared our hearts with one another.  

It is now 10 p.m. here in Gunnison.  Let's review what the Lord did today.  Housing for the Davis family-YES.  Housing for the Roberts family-seems like a YES.  A meeting place for a church plant-YES.  Bro. Roberts to find employment-YES. Gospel passed out, fellowship shared, and God knitting hearts-YES, YES, Yes!  Can God do all these things in 14 hours-YES!!!!!

Please pray for us as we look at the house in the morning.  Pray for the Lord's will there.  We then will make a four hour drive to Denver and Lord willing a 3 hour flight home followed by an hour drive home.  Please pray for safety!

All we can say after today is "To God be the Glory, Great Things He has Done!"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trip to Gunnison Part 1

Bro. Bryon Roberts surrendered to the Lord to take his family to Gunnison, Colorado to plant a church.  Bro. Roberts is sent out under the authority of the Cozaddale Baptist Temple.  Bro. Shane Davis just a few weeks ago, surrendered to the Lord's leading to go with Bro. Roberts to Gunnison to help do the work of an evangelist.  These are exciting days for our church!
Both men and their families will leave for Colorado the first of October.
In preparation for this move, I have joined these two men for a quick trip to Gunnison.  We left today, Wednesday, and will return Friday.  We have many goals for this trip and I am praying the Lord leads us to reach these goals in accordance to His will.
First, we desire to find housing suitable for both families.  Prices to rent are very high and we will need the Lord's leading in this area.  We also are seeking the Lord's leading as to a place where contacts to meet to have Bible studies and eventually meet as a church as homes are outgrown.  We will be looking at some community centers and such.  Possible part time work opportunities will be sought out as well.
Secondly, as pastor, I am praying the Lord gives me wisdom and counsel to share with these men the next few days.  Serving in the ministry is truly an honor and I am thankful for all the men who have shared with me counsel so vital to me today.  I seek to answer questions they may have, share dangers to avoid, and counsel to help serve.  I also seek to get a greater burden for Gunnison as our men are here serving.  This burden can then be taken back home to our church and prayerfully shared with our folks.
Thirdly, we seek to be a witness.  How awesome would it be to plant seeds, water seed, and possibly even see a soul accept Christ these next few days?  Already, God has enabled me to pass out the Gospel.  Would you especially pray for our shuttle bus driver in Denver whose son graduated from the University of Cincinnati.  We were able to speak to him and give him the Gospel.
Lastly, pray for good fellowship.  These men will need to be close and have their hearts knit together as they will serve in the ministry here.  It is my prayer that this Biblical team of 2x2 will be used of God to help establish a work for the Lord in Gunnison, Colorado.
As I flew in the plane to Denver, Bro. Davis was asking questions about the ministry, to which I was trying my best to answer  He then spoke of what sacrifices I have made to be a pastor.  I thought for just a second and said to him, "Brother, I don't understand what sacrifice is like you and Bro. Roberts know.  I have not been asked by God to sell my land, possessions, and leave my home to go to a field where I know no one.  It is you that have made the sacrifice."
I am thankful for these two men.  I am thankful for the friendship.  I am thankful for their testimonies.  I am thankful for their sacrifice to our Lord.  I am thankful for time to share with them, invest in them, and assist them in preparing for this work God has called them to do.
Isn't serving God great!!