Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Evening Update

Let me begin by apologizing to anyone who may have left a comment this morning. I do not know how to post them. Sorry...

Dad has had an amazing day!!!!!! He is in his own room! What a huge blessing, and an answer to so many people's prayers. He ate an entire meal today. (The first time he has done this since before his surgery) He walked the entire length of the ICU. He aggravated the nurses a little. He did the whole 30 minutes of breathing exercises. And, most importantly to me, he called me! (and Rachel!) What a blessing!!! What a difference a week makes when the Lord is driving the boat!!!! It was some rocky waters, but God was in control.

I am asking tonight for special prayer for mom. She is so tired. Her spirits are up, and her countenance has returned to that precious smile, but she needs special grace. She is having to move in to the room with dad. He wants her to stay close by, (he always has been a bit of a baby! :) but the hotel is just getting too expensive. Just pray that she is able to sleep in the "chair bed" they are providing for her, and that is doesn't hurt her back, hips and leg. I know God can do just that. He's done much more!!! :)

Don't forget to drop dad an email. The nurses are beginning to stop by dad's room from all over the hospital just to "meet the man with a thousand fans". It's opening many doors to share the Gospel, not to mention lifting mom and dad's spirits!

Thank you for your continued prayers. We love you all.

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Kristy said...

Sometimes it's not so clear why God allows things to happen, but this situation is sure obvious. What a blessing that so many are being touch through Pastor Burke!!

Mike and Kristy McKinley
Bullhead City, AZ