Saturday, August 8, 2009

Last Dad Update (Lord Willing)

I spoke to dad today. He is still hoars from the ventilator tube, tired and sore from the trip, and weak from the surgery...but he is doing well considering. He has done his "excercises" for the day which include walking 5 minutes in the house, breathing, and limb movement.
He was able to sleep pretty well last night-thank you for praying. Things seem to be going very well considering 12 days ago he wasn't supposed to make it through the day.
He told me this morning, "Bub, when you write your blog tonight, please tell everyone something for me. Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement. Had it not been for the prayers of God's people, I know I wouldn't be here today. I love you all and thank the Lord for you. Keep praying, I am willing and looking forward to getting back."
I would just add another thank would my mom...and Chrystal...and Rachel. We praise the Lord for the miracle He performed! Just continue praying for his 6 week 'healing' process. I can't wait to hear that first sermon back!
God is so Good. If there is ever anything we can pray with you about, never hesitate in emailing or calling upon us.
Glory to God!

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Kristy said...

Still praying.

Mike and Kristy McKinley