Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'mmmmm Backkkkkk....And so is he!

It is Thursday evening, and I am back from a wonderful week at our teen camp. I so enjoyed spending time with the young people. We praise the Lord for one saved this week and the altars busy all week. The Lord brought Evangelist Matt Souza and his family to us this week for the preaching, and His power was evident. How we praise the Lord! Tomorrow, I will be back in the office for the first time in nearly 4 weeks....I wish I could say the last four weeks were relaxing, but they were times of spiritual growing for me. So, I'm back; and....
So is he! My dad will, Lord willing, leave the hospital in the morning. My mother asked that we have everyone to please pray for them. It is a good four hour drive back to Ark City normally, but for them it will be much longer. The doctor said they must stop every 45 minutes to allow dad to walk. This will help avoid blood clots. Also, tomorrow it is expected to be around 100 degrees at that time, so that will make matters more interesting.
The doctors and nurses went over with mom today how to care for dad. He has wounds that will need daily cleansing and bandaging all over his body. He will need to continue his short walks and breathing exercises. He tends to hyperventilate often due to the time he was on the verntilator. This will need work. He still (sorry if it's gross) is 'oozing' from his wounds. This will need special care. Worst of all, for dad, he is not to preach or be around large crowds for any significant amount of time for 6 weeks. I have a feeling we will see about that :-)
All in all, he is doing amazing considering that 11 days ago the doctor told us the family needs to come in as he would probably not make it. God is so Good!
So please pray for dad as he makes his way back home, and pray for my mom. She will be back home, but the work is just getting started.
Dad should not be left alone much at all. Someone will need to be with him around the clock. This will prove to be a most daunting task. Also, mom wanted me to mention this: it may sound like not much, but it is important. As soon as dad sits in his chair, Joey (their poodle) will want to jump in 'his place' on dad's lap. This CAN NOT happen. Please pray mom is able to keep him off dad so no further complications develop.
I also want to thank Chrystal for sitting in the Blog chair while I was gone. She did a marvelous job! She will be blogging more in the days ahead.
I love you all and thank the Lord for you. I am so glad to be part of the family of God!

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Kristy said...

Praying here in Bullhead continually.

Mike and Kristy McKinley