Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Phone Call

It's about 3:30 at my house. My phone rang twice. I looked at my caller id, and saw it was Hay's, Kansas. That's my cue to call dad's room. (We do that so they don't have to use their minutes on the calling card.) It always makes me a little nervous when I get that call. I immediately called the number back. "Hi, baby girl!" It was dad!!! His voice was hoarse, but he sounded so great! He was talking 100 mph. He said he was having a great day. After the rough night he had, everything seemed to be getting better and better. He said the respiratory therapist came in today and discharged him from therapy! Then, the occupational therapist came in..discharged from O.T. The physical therapist came thru for the 4Th time today. He walked 200 feet today!! There was a little drainage from his legs, and chest today, but they weren't too concerned. They started him on a little antibiotic, but just thought it was all pretty "normal stuff".

Dad was talking about all the wonderful things that have happened since he's been in there. You heard me...he said, "WONDERFUL THINGS!" Was he at the same place I was at last week? Yes! He is already talking about getting back to church. He told me about the dream he had last night. He said that it was his first Sunday back to church. He came thru the back door, and Bro. Beam (the "sound man")started playing "Eye Of the Tiger". (the theme from Rocky) He said he ran up the stairs to the platform and lifted his Bible up over his head! That is a scene I would love to see! I think a better song would be , "God is So Good" or even "Power in the Blood". :)

It was so good to hear him. It was so good to hear how excited he is about life and the Lord. He said, "Sis, I didn't think I was going to make it. I know God is not finished with me yet!". He is so excited to share his story. He said it is just another tool to share "HIS STORY".

Another answer to prayer- when I was talking to dad, he said mom was on her way to get her motel room for the night!! Praise the Lord!! Thank you again for all your prayers. A nurse mentioned today that she saw no reason why they would keep him past this weekend! Can you believe that??? Keep the prayers coming!!! Can't wait for the day he stands up on that platform and hold his Bible high!!

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