Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rough Night Tuesday Night

An early morning call from mom let us know that dad had a rough night last night. His sugar has been doing well up until now, but last night was running in the 50's. They brought him some food, and it only came up a small amount. They had to start him on an I.V. medication. After a short amount of time on the medicine, it shot up to close to 200. They are trying to keep close tabs on that.

The other concern is that dad has spiked a fever. Mom is very concerned. His legs (from where they had to cut them both quite severly in his surgery) are looking pretty bad. Mom is afraid there may be infection setting up. (altho this is "dr. mom" speaking, no word from anyone else on where the fever is from) He is feeling pretty bad today.

Also, his heart rate has been too high since last night. The doctors had to come in and check on him. They are not sure what is going on, but we are trusting the Lord to give the doctors wisdom, and dad strength. (and mom some comfort)

Before the "rough night", mom was telling me last night about how excited she was that when the nurses brought dad more emails, he took them and was reading them to HER!! It was great encouragment for mom. She asked me to answer a couple of questions that have been re-occuring in the emails...

1. For those people not from CBT..."What in the world is a 'Cozaddale'?"
Cozaddale Baptist Temple is the name of my brother's church. (thus, the name of
the blog.) CBT is located in a small..VERY of Cozad. The man who
founded the town had a last name of Cozad and a first name of Dale. Any more
information than that will have to be answered by Travis, as that is all I know.
Hope it helps a little.
2. Many people have been asking if dad "wants" or is "craving" anything. Mom said
dad has only been craving peaches!! He really would love some fresh peaches, but
peaches in general is what he keeps saying he would like to have. If we hear of
anything else, we will be sure to pass it on.

Please be fervent in prayer today for dad. We pray this is a small step backwards, and he will be feeling back to the way he should be before the end of the day.

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