Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Tuesday Morning is Much Better Than Last Tuesday!!

That was my first thought when I woke up this morning!! I am so thankful it is this Tuesday and not last! What a difference a week makes when the Lord is in control and God's people are praying!!! Dad is doing great! He is loving being in his own room. When I was talking to mom just now, he was doing his breathing treatment for the 2nd time already today, and mom was reading him more emails. They love that!! His potassium is still too low, but they are hoping once he gets off the fluids so much, it will come back up. He is still pretty weak, but he's a fighter and pushing thru to make himself get well.

I have been approached by a few different people asking if they was a way they could help out with financial needs that have come up with mom and dad. They have been told that he is going to need several medical supplies for when he goes home, not to mention all the bills that have come up just with being in the hospital so far from home. (and I'm pretty sure mom has gone way over in her minutes on her cell phone the last couple of weeks! oops!) This being said, I have been in touch with Bro. and Mrs. Duncan and we have decided that if the Lord lays it on anyone's heart to give a little then the best way to do this is to send a cash or check to Dad's church. I will give the information below.

I stand in awe at how God's people have reached out to my family during this trying time. It is such an amazing thing to witness God do a work. Dad is doing a little everyday and with every milestone, I get on my knees and thank Him. I don't want His praise to be forgotten.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

To send a donation to dad and mom please send a check or cash to
Hillcrest Bible Baptist Church
2440 N. Summit
Arkansis City, KS 67005
Please be sure to mark the money designated to dad and if there is anything specific you want the money to help out with you can put that in there too. I am humbled at your outpouring of love and support, Chrystal

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