Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Update

It is Saturday evening and I thought it was time to update everyone on dad today. They were able to remove another tube and lessen some medicine that he must be off in order to get out of ICU. Unfortunately, they also had to increase some other medicines such as Potassium and blood pressure medicines.
He was able to stand for a few moments early in the day, and just this evening was able to walk from the chair to the door of his room and back. Needless to say, this greatly exhausted him. He was totally off all oxygen all day, unfortunately this evening his oxygen level is too low and they are going to put him back on oxygen for the evening. Not a ventilator, but oxygen through the nose to help breathing. This could be due to all the "work" they made him do today in walking and standing.
Either way, it was a good day for dad. He was able to take more steps towards leaving ICU. They are very conservative on the weekends due to the fact that the surgeon is not in observing and making decisions.
Please pray that his oxygen levels would go back up over night, his potassium levels would increase so that the heart and kidneys may work properly, and his breathing would be more regulated.
Again, thank you for your prayers. Mom said there were numerous emails recieved today as well and dad greatly enjoyed having them read to him. Pray for mom also as the days are "a lot longer sitting in the waiting room by herself." Pray for her rest and strength.
God is good! I am excited about being back home and at CBT in the morning. There is no place like home! Plus....I haven't preached in about 2 weeks, so hold on!!!
I love you all and thank you for every prayer and word of encouragement!
We serve a Mighty God!

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Good to hear the good reports. I will be checking back often for updates. My best to all...

Dr. Garry Cohn