Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Night Update

As we end this day, we rejoice in that dad was able to respond to us that one time. Since then, he has remained asleep. There is really not much to report. Dad remains in the same state. He continues to remain on the ventilator. They are "hoping" to wean him off it tomorrow sometime. (We heard that yesterday)
His blood counts remain acceptable, and his color is moderate. We learned today from the doctor, that he remains on the ventilator primarily because of the amount of fluids his body has built up. Apparently, after the second surgery, he gained 42 pounds of fluid that one day. He now is only 18 pounds more than his before surgery weight. This has caused a lot of problems for him.
By far, he is not out of the woods. The best we get from any nurse/doctor is "He is doing...O.K." Please continue to pray for him. The hospital received nearly 50 emails today for my dad. His nurse said, "He must be quite an amazing man."
He has no idea!


Kristy said...

Still praying.. Please give him our love.

Mike and Kristy McKinley
Bullhead City, AZ

Justin Beam #21 said...

wow... my jaw dropped when i saw he gained that much weight from fluids in surgery! thats incredible! PRAISE THE LORD he is still doing ok! i am getting ready to finish up my devotions now and i thought to come check and see if you posted another update. thank for it. when i get done reading i will spend lots of time in prayer for him and you guys! God bless you guys! love you all...

Diana S. said...

We will be praying for your dad and family. I have listed him on our church prayer list. God bless you all.

Diana Stevens and family