Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update IV on Dad

It is now 2:30 CST and we were just able to visit with dad.....
He's Awake!!!! Thank you so much for praying for this. Dad was awake...though his eyes did not open. He nodded and responded to questions. He is still on the ventilator, but he looks good and swelling is still down. The doctor should come in this afternoon and decide if he can start coming off the machine. Now, please pray he does. We feel that this is a good possibility due to the way he looks. I told him about all the emails that have been sent and he gave a "thumbs up." He truly appreciated them all.
Pastor Duncan and his wife from their church have been such a blessing. They spent the last two days with us and now, even at Ark City, continue to do things for mom and dad and have been such a blessing. The church here in Hays-High Plains Baptist, have now had three different families stop by and encourage us. I'm so Glad I am a Part of the Family of God!
Dad still needs to improve his kidney output, improve his breathing over the ventilator, and continue to see swelling go down. Obviously, we are encouraged at the fact that he awoke and responded to us. Please continue praying, and I will do my best to let all know what happens this evening.
Emails can be sent to him by going to this link:
We continue to pray and watch with thanksgiving!

Also, I want to thank my mom and sisters for decorating and taking over the ICU waiting room and throwing me a birthday party-cake and all!

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Kristy said...

PTL!! Please give him our love..

Mike and Kristy McKinley
Bullhead City (Mohave Baptist)