Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Evening Post

It is late Friday night, and I and my sisters just got home. I apologize for not being able to update this morning, but was lacking a computer to do so.
Dad had a good day overall. We went in this morning and spoke to his nurse. Dad was sleeping at the time. His nurse said that he had been up most of the night (not unusual for my dad) and had just been to sleep a few hours. We asked her if she felt comfortable with us heading home and she said 'yes.' She then woke dad up because she knew he would want to see us.
He told us he loved us and we kissed his cheek and told him we loved him. It was a difficult, yet relieving good bye. Difficult-because we hated to leave him and mom, especially with him still in the ICU; relieving-in that on a few occasions we thought we would never get to tell dad we love him again on this earth-but God had other plans.
We made the 15 hour drive-calling in and checking with mom as to dad's health every two hours. Here is a summary of his day...
Dad was able to again sit up in a chair. They were able to remove more tubes and wires and take him off a few medicines. There are a few medicines he must be off in order to be able to get out of ICU-one of which is a blood pressure medicine that keeps his blood pressure up. They tried taking him off that medicine today, but shortly thereafter his blood pressure fell to 50/40, so in a scramble they put him back on it. They will watch it, but are not over concerned; explaining it as "his body is just healing and was not ready for that yet, we will try it again tomorrow."
He was able to eat a few solid foods today and worked successfully on his breathing.
Overall, another blessed day.
Dad received nearly 20 more emails today-he already holds the all time record for Hays Medical Center thanks to everyone!
Please pray for dad that he would have another good night tonight and day tomorrow. The doctors feel he may be able to get out of ICU by Sunday, and then would spend 3-5 days in a regular room before going home. Pray for the Lord's will.
Also, please pray for our mom. It was most difficult to leave her there knowing she will spend hours in that same waiting room mostly alone. She plans on staying there until he is moved out of ICU and then will go home for a day or so-only to return to take dad home. Pray for her comfort and protection and health as she is worn from the last 10 days.
We again want to thank Pastor Duncan of Hillcrest for helping out and encouraging in so many ways. Also we want to thank Pastor Lynn Sparkman of the High Plains Baptist Church there in Hays. He and his wife have spent time every day with us and my mom. They invited us to their home for dinner last night, and even was able today to visit with and pray with our father. They and their church have truly shown a Godly love.
I will let you know how tomorrow goes and again thank everyone for their prayers and encouragements!


Chrystal Snell said...

I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to follow up with dad on this blog. I wanted to thank Travis for taking the time to keep you all updated. But mostly I wanted to thank you all for your prayers for dad. I truly believed I witnessed a miracle this week in the healing of dad. I believe with all my heart that I got to see the Lord at work this week. I witnessed the power or prayer! Please continue praying, but thank you all! I love each of you.

Garry Cohn said...

Travis, Chrystal and Rachel - I've been praying for you all, your Dad and Mom. Glad to hear he is improving. I will keep checking in.

Garry Cohn

Kristy said...

I agree.. What a miracle!

Mike and Kristy McKinley
Bullhead City

debbie said...

I also wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for my brother. I know God worked a miracle here. I spoke to him yesterday and he was asking me to come cook for him, so I KNOW he's on the mend.

Debbie Aker