Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Morning Update

It is Thursday morning and we are in "our spot" once again in the ICU waiting room. We are allowed a 15 minute visit every two hours on the even hours. We walked into his room a little bit ago and met the nurse at the door. We asked the same question we have asked for the last 6 days, "Well, how is he doing?" Thus far, the answer has always been the same, "He is doing...O.k." Today, we got a: "Good, he had a good night." That thrilled our hearts. We looked into the room and he looked a little better. There were a few less tubes, but he was still on the ventilator. The nurse then said, "If you will step out a minute, we are going to remove the ventilator." AMEN!
Soon we were back in the room with him and he was off the ventilator. Now, while this is indeed good news, he is in for a very rough day. Every breath he takes reveals the great amount of stuff in his lungs. You just want to cough really hard for him to get it all out. He can't cough right now and his breathing is difficult to say the least. Also, because he is alert and off the ventilator, the pain is excruciating.
Today will be that "rough love day" we heard about earlier. Please pray with us that dad's pain would be less, he would be able to cough and get some stuff out, and his breathing would improve. Their goals for him today is to sit him up, get him to control his breathing, and eventually get him into a chair.
This is the point he was at Sunday before he 'crashed.' I believe this is the reason they kept him on the ventilator longer. They are hoping his body was able to rest and heal more so that he is ready for this battle today with pain.
Because of his past conditions and migraines, his body is accustomed to pain medicines. To give him what he would need to get rid of pain, would be too much that it would slow his breathing. Thus, the reason he is in more pain than most who go through this surgery.
We just ask that you pray his pain would be manageable, these goals would be met, and that our Lord would comfort and guide him in takes steps towards healing today.
Thank you again for all the emails and words of encouragement. Dad cannot believe the quantity of emails sent and was so encouraged by them.
We love you all and I will update this afternoon as to progress made.

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Justin Beam #21 said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!! thats awesome! i will pray hard for him today and his pain.