Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Church Songs

On a lighter note this week: we will have some fun. I have written for our Christmas banquet some new songs which will be 'released' Friday live and in color! The songs will be sung by myself and Bro. Mullis. Here is the First one for your viewing pleasure:

Clarence The Usher (Tune Frosty the Snow Man)

Clarence the Usher
In his blue suit and red tie
Joined the ushers there on the front pew
To receive the weekly tithe.
While Rene played the music
Down the aisle they did trod
And tight wads in the soft, blue pews
Refused to give to God.

They said they had no money
just as poor as they could be,
They could not tithe their income
Because they bought a Christmas tree.
When it comes now to giving
They are as meek as little lamb
They can’t wait until the final verse
Of the song “Just As I Am.”

***Don’t Grump-e-ty Grump, Grump
Grump-e-ty Grump, grump
Watch the tithers Go.
Don’t Grumpety Grump Grump
Grumpety Grump Grump
As we give and grow!

Tithing is Scriptural
A blessed blessed thought
How Heaven’s windows open up
To give all God hath wrought.
To Receive His favor
Is the same as long ago
God’s children know if we serve him so
He’ll be Faithful to His Own.

So When Clarence and the ushers
Walk there by your pew
Don’t forget God’s promises
They are good for you.
Oh Tithing is Scriptural, as Abraham did see
And Christians say we can joyfully give
Just the same as He!

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