Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why Our Girls Do Not Play Basketball

The picture to the right is that of our church's academy's girls volleyball team.  This was them displaying their trophy after volleyball tournaments.  We are very thankful for our young ladies. After volleyball season begins basketball season.  I schedule our academy's games, and each year I am asked if we have a girl's basketball team.  Each year I answer "no."  They usually ask why, and I usually answer with a vague response like "it's just not something we do."  It's an acceptable answer, but I know I didn't answer anyone's question.  I've never really given an answer.  I know there are parents who wonder the same thing.  To be honest, we would probably be pretty good after some practices, but thank you.
The reason we do not have a girl's basketball team are quite simple. Now, let me make clear, I am NOT saying that others are wrong and in sin if they have a girls team.  I am NOT saying that girls should not play basketball.  What I am saying is that I chose for our girls not to based upon the following reasons.
 First, and foremost, the Lord just doesn't give me liberty to do so.  I have prayed about it, and if I were to have one at this time, I would be going against what I know God has told me not to do.  As a pastor, I try to be sensitive to the Lord's leading.  Second, I don't care for what most often is produced.  To be a "good" basketball team, your team must hustle, run, be aggressive, fight for the ball, box out, be strong, and dive for the loose ball.  Growing up, most schools I went to had a girl's basketball team.  When we first started CBA, we had a girl's basketball team.  The "good" basketball players carried these characteristics with them off the court.  Most of them were "jocks" with aggressive spirits.  When I read the Bible about young ladies and Biblical ladies, the ideas of diving on floors in front of men, fighting, boxing out, and being physically dominant is just not found.  The reality is, most who were "good" girl basketball players did not end up being sweet, modest ladies.

Third, and sorry for the awkwardness, it just many times is not modest for ladies to run up and down the court and occasionally diving to the ground for a loose ball.  Most time the shorts and culottes ride high above the knee when running down the court.  My understanding and conviction is that above the knee is nakedness as defined in Scripture (Ex. 28:42; Is. 47:2-3; 1 Tim. 2:9).  For this same reason, our boy's basketball team wears long pants.  Also, a modesty issue is the cut off sleeves along with the running up and down a court for a lady as designed by God.   You may think I am being too strict, foolish, or a sexist, but just watch most men's eyes when a lady is jogging by.

Titus 2 gives us our Biblical goals for our young ladies.  The Scriptures demand they be taught to be sober, love their husbands, be discreet, be chaste, a keeper of the home, good, and obedient to their own husband (submissive).  Playing on a basketball team helps in none of these areas in my opinion.  Rather, it teaches them to be emotional (just watch a game and hear the screams and watch the tears), strong willed, in your face, hustle at all cost, be at practices away from home, be dominant, and modesty not prioritized.  This just isn't what I desire for our young ladies.

Again, any one else can do what ever they feel the Lord will have them do.  It is none of my business and I do not write this to correct anyone, but to explain why we do not participate.  Do as the Lord leads you; just make sure you have asked the Lord what He thinks about it.

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