Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Music, Music, Music

Last month, the only music director I have ever served with shared that the Lord had opened a door for he and his family in another state.  There was a good church there and the Lord was moving him to a new job and a new church.  Though my flesh hates this, my spirit also knows that the Lord truly is moving him.  He will be greatly missed as I truly have never, in my 8 years of being pastor, had to worry once about our music at church.  We as a church will miss him greatly.

This move has left upon me a new responsibility in the area of our church's music.  I admit, I have been spoiled in the man God has allowed me to serve with the last eight years, and now a new and fresh study has begun in my life in the area of church music.

I have studied in my days many books on the subject.  I have read multiple sources of information regarding Biblical music.  I have studied the history of music in the church.  Most importantly, I have searched the Scriptures as to what the Lord says about music.  I recently watched this and found it very interesting; but as of yet don't know what I think of it:

In my reading of author's books on the subject, I find that many like throwing verses out there as their "foundation" but build upon a few verses only with the bricks of their opinions and preferences.

I have heard preachers say, "The Bible doesn't talk much about music!" Yet, according to Pastor Rick Carter of Bethhaven Baptist Church, the Bible contains over 3,000 verses that are either a song or about music.  Considering the fact that there are just over 30,000 verses in the Bible, that  means 10% of the Bible talks about music.  Shouldn't God's Word then make clear what is Biblical music?

So invite your friends, family, and seekers of wisdom and let's discuss not our opinions, but what does the Bible say about music?  I seek to teach what I have learned, but also to learn what I need to learn.
Let's address what are Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.  What about using contemporary songs if sung correctly.  What about songs from Gaither, Squire Parsons, old Southern Gospel groups, new Southern Gospel groups?  Majesty music: is it slipping?  Should we use their steady diet of "universal church" teaching music?   If music is truly "teaching and admonishing," should ladies be able to sing a solo in church and us men  "Amen" her message?  Is there any New Testament support for choirs or specials?  Are we in too deep?  Do we love our entertainment that much?  Is a guitar wrong?, music, music....


Anonymous said...

A recently published book that seems very helpful is Sound Roots by Dana Everson. I think you would appreciate it.

Travis Burke said...

Thanks Dr! I am looking to purchase it now. Hope all is well up there!