Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Reason, Request, and a Release

Yes, I am still alive! I did not mean to take half the summer off from writing, but the Lord knew and is in charge. I thought I would just 'check-in' and write a few thoughts I need to share.

1. A Reason
The reason I have not written is because of an illness. Unfortunately, it is not an illness of mine own, but my wife's. She has been sick since the last week of May and we have been under a doctor's care all the while. We are not out of the woods yet, but she is getting better. I believe it to be from a physical fatigue and a spiritual attack. I want to thank my church for being so gracious throughout this time. What a blessing to part of our church. My lack of writing has been due to the time and care required of me for my wife. Nothing on this earth is of more importance to me than her, and I am trying to do what I know the Lord would have me to do.

2. A Request I would ask that all who can, to continue to pray for my wife as she recovers and strengthens. I thank all those who already have been praying, and ask you to continue doing so. Also, please pray for my children and our church that the Lord would keep His protecting arm around each. Satan would love to use these times to get his foot in the door and cause havoc. I covet your prayers.

3. A Release I want to issue a formal 'press release' to all readers. I invite you to attend our Baptist Conference this Monday-Thursday (July 25-28th). There will be many guests preachers/missionaries and families joining us. Services begin each night at 7:00 p.m. Please consider joining us. All pastors/missionaries and their families are also invited to a dinner in our fellowship hall at 5:45 each evening. Please let me know if you can attend so preparations can be made. If you cannot come, please pray for the meetings that the Lord would use them in a mighty way.

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