Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yes, This Really Happened To Me In The Ministry


In the early eighties I had the privilege of serving on the staff of Dr. Gerald Fleming, now in Heaven, and the great Dayton Baptist Temple. Being one of the few ordained men it fell to me to baptize one Sunday while Dr. Fleming was out of town. Now Pastor Fleming was a tall and very slender man. I, on the other hand, was a little shorter and quite a bit more "husky." When the morning service ended we made our way up to the dressing room to prepare for the baptismal service.
The men who helped me get dressed insisted I wear the preacher's waders. I mentioned to them I was larger than the preacher but they assured me the waders would fit just fine. I put on the waders and made my way into the pool. We baptized several that morning. When finished I started up the stairs back into the dressing room. When I got to the last step I felt the waders give way and I heard a horrible ripping sound! When I removed them I noticed that the left leg had split from the waist down to the foot. I finished dressing, hung the waders up and left the church.
I forgot all about those waders until the next Sunday. The morning service ended and now it was time to baptize. I still had not remembered those ripped waders. As we sung a song the candidates entered the baptistry. As soon as the preacher entered the water I heard him gasp for air. Oh no! I remembered the waders as he felt the cold water run down his leg.
Now let me say, Bro Fleming was a good pastor and kind man. However, we had staff meeting on Monday mornings. Let me just say, I dreaded staff meeting and after a private session with the pastor I knew my memory was for ever improved! Thank the Lord for mercy and grace! Yes, this really happened to me in the ministry.

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