Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Contributor

I asked my father to consider contributing to the Cozaddale Chronicles. He graciously agreed to do so and will be doing so in the days ahead. Below is his first post.
I asked him to write about two different subjects.
1. "Yes This Really Happened to Me" This will include stories that really happened to my dad while in the ministry. These should be fun and entertaining to read.
2. "How to Stay Spiritually Fit" This will be a serious set of lessons teaching how to stay close to the Lord and have a healthy spiritual relationship with Him and others.

I am thankful he has agreed to do so as the years of experience he has gained and counsel he can give needs to be shared with others, available to those searching,and left for his grandchildren, family, and friends for generations to come.

Stay tuned...more is on the way!

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