Sunday, September 12, 2010

Church's Past

Thus far we have spent a good deal of time studying and re-examing church practices, church pretenders, and now we will begin a study of the church's past. There are a myriad of books covering the subject of church history, and it is not my intent to exhaustivaly study the topic. I do desire to give honor to whom honor is due. I do desire to show gratitude to our Baptist fore-fathers, many of whom died a martyr's death so that we may have what we have today.
I believe it should be clear by now, but our church history starts with the church that our Lord Jesus began in His earthly ministry with that of His disciples. Our church history does not include the Catholic Church, protestant churches, or any man made denomination. Our church fore-fathers do not include men like Martin Luther, John Calvin, or Zwingli.
I believe it is imparative that we study and know our church's history. I believe most Baptist do not know their history, and the result has been a watered down doctrine and watered down separation. We have allowed our Abeka and Bob Jones curriculums to teach our children a false church history. We have glorified Luther, the Puritans, Anglicans, and Calvin and made them honorary Hebrews 11 inductees.
May we take a fresh look, allow the Lord to show us truth, and honor with a grateful heart those that took a stand for our faith.

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