Sunday, June 21, 2009

He had this testimony, that he pleased God

The above title is taken from Hebrews 11:5 in reference to a well-known Old Testament hero, Enoch. Most remember Enoch as the man who never died; but more important to understand is the cause behind this miracle. According to the verse, it was because he pleased God. So how did he please God? In Genesis 5:22-24, it was that he walked with God, apparently not a common practice in those days; to be honest, not a common practice in our day either. In spite of all of our knowledge and ability and programs and everything else "Christian", we spend more time convincing ourselves of our spirituality, than spending it with God. It is he that changes people, it is He that heals the hurt, yet we tend to keep trying more and more of the world's methods to accomplish God's work.
The results from polling our youth showed a trend that seems to unfortunately be growing among independent Baptists - treating Christianity as a ritual to be performed instead of a relationship to be pursued. If we polled the adults from these same churches, would we find much difference in result? We have come a long way from our predecessors. Today's Baptists are known for three things - eating at every gathering, always being late, and never wanting to change. In other words we're bordering on gluttony, tardiness, and stubbornness. In truth, it should be just the opposite - we should be known for the prayers we see answered as a result of fasting, always in a hurry to be on time, and always looking for areas in our life that need change. Enoch is a great example of this. Reading Genesis 5:22 it says that Enoch walked with God after he begat Methusaleh. Why would it word it that way? Most commentaries believe that the meaning of Methusaleh's name had something to do with the flood. This apparently shook Enoch up enough that he turned his life around. Was he a wicked man before this? The Bible doesn't say, but just being a good person doesn't mean you walk with God. In fact, the closer you get to God, the more wicked that you see yourself. Do our young people see change in us? Or are we to proud to admit that the way we were was not pleasing to God, so we just trudge on forward never stopping to realize that the proud hard heart we turn towards God is going to develop in our children as well, no matter how many Christian things we involve them in? The Bible is clear to warn us not to grieve or quench the Spirit of God who dwells in us. Having a walk with God is not something we can fake, nor is it something that happens by accident. It is, however, something that will evident enough in the life of the believer that we won't need to convince anyone of it's reality.
Enoch had this testimony, that he pleased God. Each one of us also has a testimony - what's yours?

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