Thursday, April 2, 2009

Be Still And Know

Psalm 46:10 reads, "Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth."
We live in a busy, busy world. That includes our young people. Much has been said already of the importance of getting your child's heart; and if it helps, I will say it again, "Every parent MUST get their child's heart."
One of the Devil's greatest tools in keeping the heart of the child away from their parent is that of television and internet. Now, I do not believe that either is a sin in of itself. They can be used to sin, very easily; but they are objects. They are stealing the hearts of our young people from their parents as much as guns are to blame for killing people.
The responsibility is with us, the parent. I know some homes where the television is never off. I mean-never! Even when the family is gone, the television is left on for pets or for the fact that it will be on when they get home. Constant noise and distraction. Families will even sit together in the same room for 4 hours a night, but no one is aloud to have a conversation... "Shhh, I can't hear the T.V."
Fathers will sit for hours a night watching their favorite shows, while the children are banished to their rooms, so not to interrupt Law and Order. Mothers do not like the shows their husbands are watching, so they have their own television set in their room to watch their shows; and those kids better not knock on the door until John and Kate is over!
So the children set, yearning for fellowhship and communication and their sits the answer....FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, or Twitter. There they can share their feelings, talk about their day, share the joys of life, cry on a shoulder, laugh, listen, and talk to somebody named "RedDragon22" while their father and mother stare at their shows.
Of course the children, join in the habit of television watching also. Dad, to show his love (and make up for his lack of parenting) purchases them their own television for their room so they can watch Sponge Bob!
I spend on average either watchign TV or on the internet each day:
A: One Hour or less.....29%
B: 1-4 Hours.....59%
C: 5 or more hours...12%

A recent study showed that children watching excessive television is linked to: obesity, nagging, violence, illiteracy, ADHD symptoms, and more. Constant noise, constant distraction, constant social communication-but the home remains divided.
I have, in an earlier post stated why I deleted my facebook account, and I would encourage those with one to read it again. Youth are spending too much time on these sites on the web...last time I checked, getting stuck in a web meant certain doom for the innocent that was flying by.
Why should my Teen ager NOT have an online social gathering account?
1. Too wasteful-think if that time was spent with their parents talking, chatting, sharring, crying, laughing, opening their heart one to another-it would change our homes.
2. Too Friendly-You can be "Friends" with anyone. I guarantee most, if not all, of our IFB teens that are on these sights, have "friends" who we as parents would never let them be "friends" with in the real world.
3. Too Open-Proven fact, you are more honest and open your heart more in writing than words. That is why Johnny always asks Suzy "Do you like me" in note first, "Circle Yes or NO." Fact is, behind a screen and keyboard, one is much more open and puts themselves in danger of giving their heart away.
4. Too Wicked-They may be not writing any thing wicked, but look at the adds, look at their friends, look at lifestyles that are promoted.
There are more, but you get the gist. We need to stop!!

Parents, turn off the t.v., unplug the computers, and spend time with your children. We posted the same question on our blog for the adults who read the blog to answer....
A.Hour or less...28%
B. 1-4 Hours...56%
C. 5 or more hours...14%

At least we know where our young people are learning these poor habits. Turn it off, talk, listen, love and share your hearts. One of the greatest things the Lord has led our family to do is a daily schedule. Now, of course, flexibility is the key, especially in the ministry; but a typical day has been outlined and is hanging on our refrigerator. It has on it times for sleeping, reading, school, devotions, eating, play time, exercise, and showers. Why? Because any of us can get the 'couch potato' syndrome.
May we all recognize our addiction, turn it all off, and be still a while...He is God!

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