Sunday, February 22, 2009

As to the Lord

No sense in denying it, we are musical creatures. Those who would say otherwise are either extremely hard-hearted or liars or both. Now, I am, as Pastor Burke, not a musical expert, though I too have some musical branches in my family tree. My grandfather was a church songleader and my grandmother a church pianist. That passed on to my father who began, at age 4, to learn to play the piano by ear. What has that done for me? Not much other than give me a great love of music and an ear to appreciate it when it's done well. More importantly, I've learned the affect that music can have, both good and bad. To continue my line of thought of the principle of sowing and reaping, may I then pose the question, what are we sowing, musically in our homes? If we're not singing it, what "good" music will our children hear in the course of a week outside of church? As for the world's music they will hear it from the t.v., movies, video games, restaurants, grocery and department stores, etc., and those are just the ones we know about. Granted, some of those can't be helped, but if we allow it to pour in unfiltered through their entertainment, how likely will they use discernment to block it when thy're out in the world? Now flip that scenario around for a moment and consider the positive effect it has the one time of the year that, by and large, the music is fairly acceptable. Is it just me, or does the overall spirit of people at Christmas time seem to be just a bit brighter than usual?(Black Friday being the exception, of course)
Music is powerful. God instructs us to sing, to use music as a tool to instruct others. Singing is not for His benefit, but for ours. So why don't we sing. Pride. Rebellion. Disobedience. Psalm 22:3 says God inhabits praise. He deserves it. By not singing we take from God what He is justly due. One of the results of great revivals goen by was that singing could be heard, not only from the churchhouses but also from the individual homes of those affected by the revivals. One final question in closing? If Satan's follower's show such fervor and enthusiasm in singing his praises, why can't the disciples of the King of kings and Lord of lords do the same?
C. Lee Carr


Rebecca said...

I agree with you Bro. Carr, the Lord deserves our Praise and our worship.
The church we are attending now, puts much on the music program, All of the young people are involoved in some way in the services. We have a youth choir that sings every service. The young people play instruments in every service, whether it is the mandolin, guitar, piano, organ, bass guitar.
The music when it is played makes you stop and think about what you are singing, the instruments pull your attention to the music, then you find yourself singing the words and thinking about who you are singing them to.
These people sing to the top of their lungs when they sing because they are singing unto the Lord not unto man and what man thinks.
Music prepares your heart to worship the Lord.
One thing I have noticed in my children of late, is that they are thinking and listening about what is going on in church, even during the preaching they have a better understanding because their hearts were prepared for the preaching because of the worship that takes place in the song service.
I love to go to church and sing unto the Lord and I see my children desiring to do the same.
The devil has robbed our children of so many things, especially the area of music. We need to stand and take back that area that he has robbed us of.
Since my children have been given the opportunity to be involved in the services, Sarah has learned how to play the guitar and Seth plays the bass guitar, they practice almost everyday here in our home and they sing together almost everyday also.
It has brought much joy to our home. I praise the Lord for what he is doing.
Hebrews 2:12
Saying, I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church will I SING PRAISE unto thee.

Anonymous said...

Umm, who wrote this? The beginning says I am, as pastor burke. Do you mean that you are like him or that it is him posting. on the end it says posted by travis burke.

Travis Burke said...

Well, anonymous, let us examine:
1. It reads, "Now, I am, as Pastor Burke, not a musical expert, though I too have some musical branches in my family tree." Please notice a comma not a period after Pastor Burke. Also, the word "too" is defined as "in addition to."
2. It is signed at the end as "C.Lee Carr" which usually means he is the author.
3. I do understand the "posted by Travis Burke" but please know that refers to the fact that it is my blog and I gave the permission for it to be posted on my blog. Sorry for the confusion and I hope that I was able to clear things up and also possibly aid in advancing your knowledge of words and grammar.

Travis Burke said...

Please know the above comment was done in jest with a smile...if you know realize that I hope.