Friday, January 23, 2009


Why? What a loaded question. So simple and yet so powerful, we often do our very best to avoid asking it, or if it is asked of us, we strive to do our best to avoid answering it. The reason, perhaps, being that we don't know the answer(something we men especially hate to admit) or we are afraid of what the answer may be.
As we are approaching this subject from a medical perspective(see Pastor Burke's comments regarding the plague)isn't that the reason why many avoid a visit to the doctor even when we know something is wrong? How foolish we are, yet how often this is done. Imagine if those back in the time of the plagues had continued on with the same practices as before even though they were getting no results. It wasn't until somebody decided to stop and ask "Why?" that they were able to track down a solution. This is a common practice in our world today - treating the symptom and ignoring the problem. One thing about human nature - once we get going down a path, it takes an act of some magnitude to get us, not only to stop, but even to slow down and take notice to what is going on around us. May I submit to you that that act has come. It is the destruction of the American family and with it the church. And no, I don't think that destruction is too strong of a word. Perhaps one would prefer to use "survival-challenged", but I think we are past the time for soft speech.
What is the solution? Let us begin again. By this I mean a return to the basics. Back to the B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for me. No more , "well, so and so does this, and this group does this." Let us ask, "What does the Bible have to say?" And then let's do that. Sounds simple I know, but I find that more often than not , the simplest solutions are the best ones.
Why? A very powerful yet simple question. Dare we ask it?
C. Lee Carr

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