Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Hate Dishwashers

While growing up, my mother had the greatest dishwasher I have ever seen. This dishwasher always cleaned the pots, always shined the dish, and left glasses without spots or debris. This great dishwasher used no electricity and very rarely broke down. Of course, you know by now the brand…Momma’s Hands! She, and eventually my sisters, washed the dishes every night and ever dish was placed back in its place that night, dry and clean. Years later, I married the most wonderful lady on the face of the earth (better have that written due to content of this devotion). My wife though, had us purchase a dishwasher. I had no idea the frustration, smells, and grime that were to come. Soon, I began to notice “crusties” as I call them, spots everywhere, and worst of all…”floaties” in my drink. I began to investigate. At other times, there would be no bowls in the cabinet, no spoons in the drawer, and I continued to investigate. THEN, one day I came home on a late Sunday night to a horrendous smell. I finished my investigation and found the culprit to be-the DISHWASHER. What I have found is this. It can clean up dishes, but not clean them. It needs to get “full” before you use it to save water and electric, so we may run out of certain dishes at certain times. Some of those “waiting periods” are marked by distinct moments of odor emanating from the machine that when finally used does not have the power to clean the hardened left over particles of food. I say all that to simply say this. God expects us as Christians to do the work of the ministry. Our faith, demands our work! Don’t rely on everybody else to do a work that you and I can do. When that happens, things don’t get done, don’t get done right, wastes resources and power, and truly stinks in the eyes of God. Lets do the work!!

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